Dear New Friends, Old Friends and Family,

LIONEL was founded in 2020 and is named after my Great Great Uncle Lionel Green. Lionel Green was the founder of iconic British Brand Windsmoor. Windsmoor was a brand that epitomised British heritage and British quality. Lionel himself was a charitable, stylish and elegant man often considered ahead of his time.


Our brand LIONEL honours his legacy by spreading our feelings and message about the fashion industry and branding. Fashion for us is about style and expressing yourself, it is about being what you wear and what you wear being reflective of you.

The Overpriced Fashion Club is a satirical recognition that we all love to spend money on clothes - it is about recognising that we love fashion and love what we wear and thus we are not afraid to spend the money on it. 

LIONEL garments are all produced with love in our purposely selected European factories using luxurious fabrics ensuring premium quality.